Quality and service our main objective


Tecno-Química Pack S.L. is a company founded in 1994 dedicated to the manufacture of packaging and cleaning products, both industrial and domestic, and pesticides. Our business is focused on providing our services and products of high quality and added value to companies marketing and distribution of products from detergents, pesticides and specific, ensuring the highest quality, service and discretion.

We offer our customers the ability to collaborate from a simple operation maquila, to a comprehensive service that goes from research and product development, including the obtaining of the finished product ready to be marketed and distributed. We have a highly qualified team with a clear objective, continuous improvement, which provides total quality systems in all areas of our company.


We are a company with a great versatility, packaging products with a variety of formats, ranging from 15ml to 25L for liquid and from 50 g. up to 5 kg for solids. The texture and bulk pack that can be formulated liquid, solid, gel or paste.
We use plastic containers, bags and trained talquera format. Usually we use bulk packaged at room temperature but can also be packaged hot if the product requires it.

We are a company that we adapt to needs of our customers, by offering a high quality service and allowing the customer has always the stock he needs. We have rigorous controls in our formulations and packaging, following the protocol for taking specific controls needed during the production process. We are open to research and develope new products as long as the customer request.
New applications always looking for new textures that the safety standards of product are met.


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