Tecno-Química Pack S.L. Is a family business with a trajectory based on the effort that has led us to grow up until today.
Our principles were faced towards the packaging of detergency on a large scale and it was later when we introduced the packaging of phytosanitary products discarding the great productions and dedicating the detergency to products more especifics.
In 2010 seeing the need of our customers, we expanded the packaging in Solids, from powder to granules. Our experience has enriched us in the great versatility that characterizes us today. Our company that values ​​above all is the total quality.

What do we mean by total quality?
To achieve this, we emphasize teamwork, this being the most important aspect and that is the basis of the company’s philosophy. The spirit of collaboration between the members of T.Q.P. Is what leads us to the success of any project, this is our slogan!
The total quality is achieved by controlling the quality from the raw materials and conditioning material when it arrives at our facilities until the finished product that comes out. During the production process there is a rigorous control so that the specifications of the production orders are carried out and it is registered.
Part of the total quality is the treatment of ADR products, where we are also qualified for packaging and correct shipping. It will also be part of the quality the clear commitment that we maintain with our clients regarding the deliveries to term and respecting their priorities when it comes to manufacture.

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